• Yes,

    We fade to grey they are a-workin' again. The haunting silence is over and noise fills the emptiness of a new-found temporary practice space. Surrounded by rails and trains we are trying to bring the best out of us by experimenting with sounds and even new instruments to write songs for an upcoming release. We were diligent and hardworking and therefore quite productive the last

  • weekend. Half of the songs are already finished or close to and there are still a lot of fragments and ideas having to be captured and combined. Our plans are not all made down to the last detail but we hope to be ready to record sometime in October or November.

    Regarding shows we are still on hiatus until probably the end of the year because of the above. By then we should hopefully have finished most of

  • the things on our agenda and will be ready to play again.

    Another pleasant news is the interview we did with Ox Fanzine some time ago but which can be read in this month`s issue or simply here if you haven`t got a copy at home.

    Take care,
    the Grey.